ACOG Antepartum Form

AssistMed DUET Express™ is a digital pen and paper application that provides real-time transmission of the ACOG antepartum form from OBGYN providers to hospitals. DUET Express captures the ACOG antepartum form as it is being completed, and then securely shares the data as required in real-time.
The digital ACOG form gives the obstetric team valuable information - estimated delivery date, medical history, complications, allergies, medications, lab values, and consult reports – and facilitates appropriate interventions. Access to digital prenatal records increases the opportunity for improved outcomes in high-risk pregnancies.  With DUET Express, the ACOG form is always current, never lost, and is immediately available to hospitals and treating providers.
Benefits of DUET Express Digital ACOG Form
       Captures & distributes ACOG form data for obstetrical care
       Improves prenatal care quality
       Provides access to current prenatal records
       Connects community providers & hospitals