The AssistMed DUET™ Digital Pen

The DUET™ digital pen is a ballpoint pen with a micro-infrared-camera behind the tip that:

 Records the pen strokes that are made on the digital paper.

 Captures the information that is written on the digital-paper form.

 Enables the completion of a 40-50 page letter or nearly 150 forms pages before the digital pen needs synchronized for data upload.

 Transfers the data captured on the digital-paper forms in a secure, encrypted format through a USB or bluetooth connection.

 Sends the data captured on the forms to AssistMed's server for processing and distribution to clinical, billing, and administrative systems.   

 Offers complete HIPAA compliancy – no patient data is stored on the digital pen.

 Provides an audit trail – who wrote on the form, what they wrote, and when they wrote it (date/time stamp).

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