Digital Paper

 Digital-paper forms can be any clinical, demographic, billing, or administrative form.

 Digital forms are printed on standard copy paper. No special paper is required.

 Digital paper is printed with a very small "microdot" pattern, which appears as a light gray background on the form.
      • The microdot pattern forms a "digital map" so the digital pen can read the location of the ink strokes.
      • Nearly three-quarters of a million dots are printed on each digital-paper page.
      • The microdot pattern on each digital-form page has a unique identity, so that each page is different from all others.
Digital Paper Form Fields
 Checkbox and radio-button fields have a very high degree of accuracy in the data transfer process.

 Signature or drawing areas are defined as “ink” fields.  The digital pen captures an image of the “ink” field.

 Users can always correct or edit the information captured by the system.

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